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Each pile will go above each of the four locations on Yzma’s game board- The Palace, Pacha’s House, The Jungle and Mudka’s Meat Hut.In order to defeat Kuzco, you have to find him in one these four decks.However, for Scar, they will be separated and put into this “Succession” pile.Then, when you have enough Heroes in that pile that the strength would equal 15 or more, you win. There is a bit of catch to this Succession pile, however.With a title like was going to be in the expansion, I may have done a happy dance.

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Scar’s objective is to start his turn with at least 15 Strength in the Succession pile.

The Succession pile is new and specific to Scar’s character. With any other Villainous character, when you vanquish a hero, they would go into your Fate discard pile.

Luckily, there are cards like Long Live The King that will allow you to quickly cycle through your Fate deck, so you can quickly find and defeat Mufasa.

Scar’s Allies, in particular, our favorite hyenas Shenzi, Banzi and Ed will be key in defeating and fighting Heroes for Scar.

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