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Rejecting the dilemma outright, Richardson sees the conflation as part of the “extreme neoliberalism” of Silicon Valley, to want to break down the barriers between humans and machines.Once you reach the point where you accept robotic consciousness, possibly defining feature of being human, what’s left? It’s a difficult discussion, mainly because of the number of questions both sides raise. One futurologist believes that by 2050, sex with robots specially designed for human satisfaction will be the norm.Such a shift would represent a fundamental re-thinking of what sex is, our relation to robots in society, and what it means to give a machine artificial intelligence.

Futurologist Ian Pearson previously told This drive to replicate human interaction is one aspect the Campaign Against Sex Robots objects to. Kathleen Richardson, head of the campaign and a senior research fellow in the ethics of robotics at De Montford University, told , where a magician makes the broom come to life to make it carry out household chores, as an example of this “infantile fantasy” in media.“Not something that’s relational between persons, but as something that’s more shaped by sex trade, and that gets filtered more into the ideas of sex, and how they impact society.”Girl on the Net argues that this aversion to sex as anything other than an emotional connection is one of the campaign’s major issues.Prostitution, or sex work, is an intensely-debated topic with a range of voices on both sides.Using robots for sex won’t mean that we stop caring about real peoples’ thoughts and feelings.“Actually, the fact that this conversation is happening at all shows that we do care! “We can’t help but theorize about what people might be thinking and empathize with how a robot might be feeling.”Accepting the idea of programmable consciousness raises ethical dilemmas that otherwise wouldn’t exist.Girl on the Net argues that if we develop robotic consciousness, not only would it be unethical to program them to be sex robots, but it would be unethical to program them to do anything.“If we build a robot that can make choices and have free will, then we’ve essentially built a robot that can consent,” Girl on the Net said.

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