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Many of these numbers use evocative keyboard lines and electronics fill the space that would have been taken up by a larger musical ensemble – doing so in ways that are often surprisingly effective, and not nearly as gimmicky as you might expect – especially when mixed with a few acoustic instruments.Lyrics are all in French, and often highlight Pierre's politics, but mix in a few more humanistic moments – on titles that include "Fils Du Sahel", "Boy Cuisinier", "Je Demande Ma Demission", "Tond Yabramba", "Mam Ti Fou", and "Ouaga Affaires".

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Titles include "Guajira Con Tumbao", a great groover, plus "Hueso Y Pellejo", "Me Voy Pa Moron", "Naranjo Y Lucas", "Isla Del Encanto", and "Vacila Con Tu Trago".If you're a fan of the Saravah Records label, you'll definitely get the spirit here – and much of the music reflects the changes happening in the post-colonial years, when the former global outposts of France were turning into unique hotspots for cross-cultural activity.Titles include "Le Trottoire D'En Face" by Pierre Akendengue, "Pitie" by Eugene Mona, "Complexium" by Dane Belany, "Abitrer Le Confit" by Ho Chi Minh, "Monsieur L'Indien" by Peloquin/ soldiers overseas!Unlike other hybrids from the US scene – particularly that in the bachelor pad orientalist scene – Bob really grooves right from the start, and keeps things up beat all the way through – mixing tight percussion, jazzy instrumentation, and vocals in a variety of languages – all with a cool, classy vibe that really fits the look of the cover.Titles include "Ven Aqui A Bailar", "Ismailia", "Mustapha", "C'Est Ecrit Dans Le Ciel", "Amen Twist", "Cha Cha Mambo", "Le Marsupilami", "Kili Watch", "Dracula Cha Cha Cha", "You Are My Destiny", "Fleur Du Diable", and "Habibi Rock".

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