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Here each wooden cross carries a funny epitaph about the person's life.

Before returning to Iza, take a view of what is the tallest wooden structure in the world: Sapinta Peri. Enoy a home hosted dinner on an exclusively organized Maramures folklore show ith dances and then accommodation.

One of the landmarks of Sibiu is the Bruckenthal Palace, assembled by Baron Bruckenthal, the Governor of Transylvania at the beginning of the 19th century and a gem of Baroque architecture.

Accommodation in a private house (not a B& B) in the village of Iza.

The Great and Lesser Squares are the landmarks of the Old Town with the many merchant houses featuring ""the sleepy eye" dormers.

View the old surrounding defense walls and the remaining towers belonging to the merchant guilds.

Due to the relative isolation of their land, the people of Maramures developed a particularly strong community with a unique personality, traditions, culture and lifestyle unspoiled for centuries.

The villages along the Chioar Valley are particularly stunning.

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