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Can javascript be the reason for such a strange behaviour???

If anybody has an answer for this strange problem, please mail me or reply to this post... the Update button had gone on strike and wasn't raising the Update events for sometime even when the application was in the Edit state. The application was in THE EDIT STATE but still NO UPDATE Events when UPDATE BUTTON WAS FIRED.

This works as expected and I can put a breakpoint in the Row Command event handler to see the "Event" command name.

After it has been clicked the postback places that row in edit mode. At this point in time the above Edit Item Template is displayed with two Image Buttons within it. My problem lies in that the click on the Update Image Button posts back, but neither the Row Command nor Row Updating events get triggered.

And hence I am making use of the View State with a code similar to this in On Load event.

[: D] I got the solution for the invisible problem I was facing in the week! But how will I find out when the control is loaded for the first time? Is Post Back property since a lot many post backs would have happened before loading the control.

As the name suggests in View mode the data can just be viewed without any permissions to make changes.

But we (developers working on this project) need to build it this way for some reason that can't be explained here!!! coming back to the problem, by making the above mentioned change in the way grid view binding was done, the "Update" command button stopped sending the "Edit" events so also any other events it was supposed to fire!!! In my project to know the current mode of the application in which the user is working, we make use of an enumerator with 3 states - View, Edit and Delete.

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Even the Row Command event is fired without any issues. Now the Update button raises the update event when the application NOT IN the View state automatically, which accidentally also happens to be the correct way of working for my user control!

Diagnostics; namespace My User Control Heeee yeahhhhhhhh!!! Instead of binding the grid view on every post back, now I am binding the first time the control is loaded!

Or, seriously thinking, can there be a reason for this behaviour!

1 On Load(Event Args e) 2 The above modification does work if I use the code in a single file. - This master page hosts various user controls which are implemented for corresponding use case.

Moreover, if you have observed the above code, the view state is enabled on the gridview.

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