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Aus: Wed, June 28, 2006 Written by Shelley Birse, Noel Price Directed by Ralph Strasser In the new series, everyone is experiencing the excitement of being at Solar Blue, but like all teenagers, even though surfing is their consuming passion, these kids still have to face the reality checks and challenges confronting them.

The new recruits include bubbly Amy (Gabrielle Scollay), determined Brooke (Lesley Anne Mitchell), adventurous Rachel (Taryn Marler), confident Mike (James Sorenson), farm boy Corey (Trent Dalzell) and comedian Eric (Ryan Corr).

Preoccupied with her feelings for Mike, Rachel's emotions get the better of her and she learns some painful lessons.One thing is for certain: nobody will ever forget their time at Blue Water High.Eric and Mike face off for the last spot at Solar Blue.Unfortunately, thoughts of Mike become a huge distraction and Brooke's surfing is suffering. Will Brooke lose the boy she loves in order to follow her dream?Meanwhile a young grommet from school, Nell, becomes obsessed with Amy.

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