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The image of the burning bus in London is a very loaded image. Where do you think that movement stands now, a year and a half later? It brought up the level of awareness of all this corruption. It’s always been a band; I was playing with most of them on my last tour, for [2011’s] It’s against the better judgment of selling records.

Making a video of a song with a chorus of “Fuck fuck fuck” is a little ridiculous. I was touring all last year and seeing Occupy Dublin and Occupy London. Some would be hundreds of people, some would be 10. My label and management would have preferred I use my name; it’s easier for them to promote. I haven’t heard from anybody – I don’t think they ever registered that name.

We’re so decidedly that, so I thought the juxtaposition was really fun. I always loved classic stylings of aspects of heavy metal, punk, hard rock and punk. What do you make of current indie rock, like Vampire Weekend, the National or Spoon? The band that made me think they had it going on was this all-girl band from London called Savages. It hit a lot of the marks that have always resonated with me – the early Rough Trade sound, Joy Division, early Swell Maps. Chelsea Light Moving opened for them at SXSW this year and I was like, “Wow, all these young chicks here to see us.” And as we played, they were all looking at their phones and I thought, “This is the most disinterested audience I’ve ever played for in my life.” Then Tegan and Sara came out and destroyed the place.

Those things would be more diffused and modified in Sonic Youth, because that was the nature of Sonic Youth. Life changes from time to time and who knows what will happen in the future. The audience put their phones down and sang along on every song.

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But he and his new, post-Sonic Youth band, Chelsea Light Moving, released their first album in March, and they’ve finally unveiled their first video.

I would say to Lee [Ranaldo, Sonic Youth guitarist], “Dude, you don’t know how many different Black Sabbath moves I’m trying to present.” I think Lee looked at it with amusement . You guys can write your own stuff, but I’m gonna say yay or nay.” It felt liberating, also because the songs were all written on the spot in a rehearsal space in Northampton [Massachusetts]. So is Chelsea Light Moving your full-time band now? I think names define things, and I’m gonna keep the name whether I have the same members or not, and I’ll keep it as my name for my rock & roll music. Your crystal ball is about as clear as my crystal ball is. I have nothing but respect for any band that does that.

What appealed to you about returning to the two-guitar-bass-drums Sonic Youth lineup after using acoustic guitars and violins on your last two albums? Do you still live there, where you and Kim had a house? For the first time since 1977, I have no keys to a place in New York City. It’s like, “I’m 54 going on 55 and this is who I am now.” I toy with the idea of living in different places and establishing a place where I could actually live and set up camp. I’m not really in a place where I need to decide that. Were you surprised by Kim’s recent interview in in which talked about your marital problems? If Sonic Youth ever plays again, that will be Sonic Youth, obviously.

The pair who last worked together on a Yanni covers album for Beck’s Record Club have done most of the recording at Beck’s home in Southern California, and will feature Beck singing and playing as well as providing his talent behind the desk.

Moore also mentioned that the album features a lot of work from Fishtown harpist Mary Lattimore and violinist Samara Lubelski.

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