Sarah bareilles dating

She has also performed at numerous concerts, Schools and Colleges out of which some were open for the public while some where only for the students.During one of her beginning act for Sugarland, the stage on which she was giving her performance, collapsed right after she finished her performance but luckily she remained unharmed.Later, She also participated and won twice at the UCLA spring sing annual musical concert for students.

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Following the success of the Love Song, she, later went on releasing her other songs such as gravity, I choose you, brave, King of anything and many other and again it is needless to say that they were also an instant hit.Sara Bareilles has sold millions of copies of her albums all over the globe.Her music is mostly inspired by Etta James and Sam Cooke. About her personal life, Sara is single and yet to be married.Sara also taught herself various musical instruments, some of which includes piano and guitar.In the year 2004, She released her first studio album “Careful Confessions” and a few years later, in 2007, She released her first major label album “ Little Voice” which featured the song “Love song” and it wasn’t just well received by the listeners but literally got the spotlight placed upon herself.

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