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Now, it has gone after the secular market in order to compete with the largest online dating company,

In trying to expand, however, e Harmony has made several mistakes.

In his article, “Academic publishers’ time-loop: another mechanism to manipulate impact factors?

“ Krell argues that post-dating publication dates buys an article more time to be cited, and that the effect is greatest when articles, published online at the end of one year (e.g., December, 2011), are post-dated to appear in the first issue of the next year (e.g., January, 2012).

However, competition and a more mature market have led the company to expand in order to survive and still hold a competitive advantage.

In the beginning, Warren started marketing e Harmony primarily to Christian sites, touting it as being based on Christian principles.

Now in marketing through TV or radio ads, ( million spent last year, million projected this year) there is no mention of its Christian connection.

Furthermore, other lawsuits allege that e Harmony's matching system is not scientific and allows online predators and scam artists to connect with unknowing singles. Another way that e Harmony has tried to expand is by creating specific sites for different countries.

In Britain, it created a new method of matching for British singles, but for its Canadian and Australian sites, e Harmony utilized the same system as in the United States.

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