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While the initial funding may seem daunting, several development banks are ready to invest in such projects and this indeed is a glimmer of hope for many countries on equatorial latitudes like India and Egypt who could heavily benefit from affordable and clean energy. The mighty deserts could indeed be the answer to mankind’s thirst for energy, a different kind of Oasis perchance. The Code of Hammurabi: among the first written legal systems in history.Hammurabi flourished in the 18th century before Christ, but the exact dates of his reign are uncertain.The Code of Hammurabi is among the first written legal systems in history.Hammurabi, the sixth king of Babylon, flourished in the 18th century before Christ, but the exact dates of his reign are uncertain: estimates extend over more than two centuries.

Yet today, a new technology has come to the forefront: Concentrated Solar Power Plant (CSPP) technology, a genius application of science dating back to Archimedes.

Such changes, both short and long-term, have occurred before.

The Mesopotamian civilisation declined after Hammurabi, and many cities were abandoned. While military decline was one factor, there were others.

He studied a tablet now in the British Museum, and determined that it listed specific dates on which Venus appeared as a morning or evening star.

The dates were in the Assyrian lunar calendar and their precise interpretation was uncertain.

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