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But remember, these dares for couples have a way of arousing everyone a lot more than you think! #4 Pass a candy to your partner using just the lips / unwrap a candy together using only the lips. #9 Lift your girlfriend’s shirt up from the back all the way to the collar using just your teeth.

#10 Stroke your partner’s tee shirt/pants until we see the pants move or the tee shirt stiffen.

While a good game of dirty truth or dare between you and your partner can be fun for a few minutes, it’ll get pretty boring after a while.

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#17 Make out with each other with the clothes on / dry hump each other.#18 Find your girlfriend’s nipple with your teeth / lick your girlfriend’s nipple *with her clothes on if you prefer*.#19 Slip your hand into your partner’s jeans and keep it busy for a whole minute.In the start of a relationship, it can help both of you get to know each other better.And as the relationship progresses, it’ll help bring your sex life to a whole new high.

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