Spb weather not updating

In a way it doesn't seem fair to rate both tours on this one format, but there is no other way to rate our tour in Stockholm.

I couldn't believe how Vlad could drive through bumper to bumper traffic, down alleys and side streets to try and stay on schedule. Our tour started late (35mins late) waiting for stragglers to arrive.

Don't need a custom ROM with SPB, anyhow, because it customises everything I need. My Weather is not updating automatically even though I have it set to update every hour. Sorry for the nob question, but I have the stock standard telstra next g T8285running 6.1. Thanks fellas com/pocketpc-software/mobileshell/Also, you should have no fears about bricking your phone.

If I manually force it to update, it can open the network connection and update OK. SPB is not a ROM, it is only a shell (application) which sits over the top of your original ROM.

All I can say is if you like the last version you will love this. Made the phone slow and unresponsive when combined with the Energy ROM.

I installed on my TP2 and immediatley took it off .

She held up the SPB sign in front of her and was constantly speaking toward the item of interest, as a consequence we couldn't hear much of anything.

We left late again from this site, as the same group late at the beginning of the tour, were late again.

There were 8 very bored children on the tour, and by we bailed out when we arrived at the old town as we still hadn't had any food and everyone was really cranky.

A system tray widget which displays current weather information …

There is a button somewhere that allows you to do this – can't remember exactly where, but I think it's in one of the SPB folders. I'm having a problem with the voice mail icon, doesn't seem to give me a count, just a shortcut to dial to voice mail.

Honestly, though, I don't know why you would want to switch back. I'm with TPG/Optus is there a setting I need to change to get it to work... Why The voicemail icon is operator dependent – it requires your network operator to support a voicemail indicator.

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