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Jenn Sterger The NFL has fined Minnesota Vikings football player, Brett Favre, ,000 for not cooperating in a case, containing allegations he left voice messages, asking nude model, Jenn Sterger, for a date, violating league policy on personal relationships. The league stated it is not making any judgment calls on people's personal relationships.However, Sterger wanted Favre suspended and is angry he was only fined.(Favre allegedly sent her naughty photos when both worked for the New York Jets, though Sterger herself isn’t the one making the allegations.) Let’s set the wayback machine for 2005 and see the five seconds of TV time that Sterger flipped into sudden Internet fame, a column for Sports Illustrated on Campus, an appearance in Playboy, an on-camera job with the New York Jets — and that has ended up with her tied to an NFL quarterback in a classically weird modern-day media ruckus.The date was September 5th, the game was Florida State-Miami, and the call is by the ageless Brent Musburger.To say that Decker is excited to finally be a part of a Major League roster is certainly an understatement.“It’s been a crazy-whirlwind two weeks,” said Decker.“It’s something that I always thought would happen, but when I came here… I’ve felt numb to the entire experience.”Decker continued on saying “Now I get to be on shows like on the show.Some may have the exact same suspicions about Sterger, whose motive (based on the public comments of her lawyer) seems to be money, not notoriety.

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“She could make millions if she ever cashed in on all the naked photos she gets from friends,” Torres said.

But be cautioned, it is not suitable viewing for work.

The photo was incorporated into a video from the Web site Dead As previously reported, on Friday, one of Hendrie’s other regular “guests,” Pastor William Rennick of the Joyful Union Congregation in Bellflower , California, insisted that the media wasn’t being fair by being so harsh on Tiger Woods while giving Brett Favre a break.

In turn, it would tend to show that he didn’t commit sexual harassment.

In turn, it would tend to show that he didn’t violate the Personal Conduct Policy.

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