Ted turner dating marlo hampton

#rhoa pic.twitter.com/z4d NRv2cwu — Marlo Hampton (@iheart Marlo) April 16, 2018 You don’t know Simply Marlo LLC, 🤨but used my company as your #imageconsultant plenty of times. Mouth writing checks that’s your bank account couldn’t & still can’t cash.

, Sheree claimed (read: yelled) that Marlo Hampton has an 80-year-old, white sugar daddy, a claim Marlo didn't deny.

The web series features Marlo and her equally fashion-forward pals chatting about love, life, and everything in between while trying on glamorous clothes and sipping cocktails. Reunion “I’m just dating, I’m having fun,” she says.

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Still waiting on my check, make it out to Simply Marlo LLC when your bootleg hair care line finally makes a sale.

But the shocking thing was when she shared her words about her love it showed that she isn't severe towards her relationship.

She shared that, As per now, Marlo is enjoying her love life with Peter Thomas.

So you really wanted that life, and then for you to go and do that and not let the fans see that?

So I would definitely get rid of Kenya, and definitely I’d add some new stuff.

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