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Also, interestingly, even activities that most people surveyed by the Canadian Journal of Human Sexuality called “not sex” considered acts of cheating if enjoyed with someone other than one’s partner.

So, by that definition, masturbating next to someone to orgasm doesn’t count as losing one’s virginity, but if one were to masturbate with someone who isn’t their committed partner, they’ve cheated — at least, 95 percent of the survey respondents thought so.

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So among Americans, when and how do most people lose their virginities?It sucks to police the attempts of a marginalized group to define its own experience, but once orgasms are introduced into the virginity equation, things get even stickier.In 2014, the Journal of Sexual Medicine reported that less than 63 percent of women experience orgasms with familiar partners.“He’ll say it feels good, but it having sex one day, and another girl in our class had already had some guy’s penis in her butt and hadn’t liked it.The difference in our sexual experience made me feel like I was humiliatingly behind — was I supposed to be familiar enough with sex to prefer some acts over others?

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