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How simultaneously empowering and pathetic: My entire love life can be summarized in mere paragraphs. Friendship means things in common, compassion, mutual respect. Society tries to teach men to be the best “player” around, but really there are probably more normal guys out there, who would get attached, if they were meeting people.

All those dramatic, chemical, sticky, everlasting affairs boil down to a handful of fleeting sentences. Osho calls friendliness “the highest form of love,” because friendship transcends neediness and lust. It is important to notice that some guys consciously practice a “pick up” lifestyle.

Can you be radically grateful for your life, whether you are single and mingling or coupled or married or divorced or whatever?

This is all the wisdom I have gleaned about partnerships, dating, sex, love and romance over the past 16 years. Probably the men you encounter who can have sex without getting attached are the most up-front and entitled of the bunch.

If you’re single, be grateful for independence, alone time, freedom to do as you choose without checking in with anybody.

After all, these are just “status” labels society requires us to attach to our identities.

Like yoga (and tennis and any habit), total honesty takes practice. When sex enters the picture, it intensifies everything. When bridging the gap between friendly love and romantic love, it’s best to define the relationship’s boundaries frequently.

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To clarify, I wrote that “men (gay and straight) seem quite capable of unattached sex.” In my experience, a fair amount of men did seem ready, willing and able to have sex at my beck and call. Whether you’re looking for someone or you’ve already met that intriguing new person, knowing your own needs in and wants for the relationship is the essential first step. I've been happily married for 16 years, but my kids are teens. Be honest with yourself about your own desires and requirements. If you have an online dating profile, make it known what level of commitment and intimacy you are currently looking for. Because compromise is a fact of life and an integral part of any relationship. I love that you didn't even mention society's view on casual sex and the labels or opinions that are created when you participate in casual sex. So, once you have gained an awareness of your genuine needs and desires—in a partner, as well as in the dynamic of a relationship—you need to express them clearly and openly. Okay, so you’re in a relationship—whether you’ve gone out on three dates or for 11 years, whether it’s vacuous, potentially meaningful, or definitely, downright serious—be present for it. If you’re in a committed relationship and that’s what you wanted and you love, trust and respect your partner, be grateful, because wow! Be grateful for the awkward first dates, because they make the awesome ones all the better by comparison. If not, can you alter things so that you will enjoy it? If you’re dating, be grateful for the falling in love phase, when it happens, which it will.

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