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I am thrilled that we finally have a decent Black Berry syncing solution on the Mac.

Pocket Mac was terrible, and so was Missing Sync; both have a long history of deleting and corrupting information and of randomly throwing up errors.

When I first tried to sync, it simply errored out and said that the sync failed.

But after some finagling and trial-and-error, now I've got syncs running smoothly.

If you would like to download an older version of Splash ID directly onto your device, you can download it wirelessly via your Black Berry Browser on the device iteself.

Open the browser and press the menu button, then select Go To, and enter the addresses below, based the version you need: About.

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(For example, " And then make a backup of your Mac's Address Book (export it to a file), and use this software to make a backup of your Black Berry, so you have something to revert to if things don't go well.To create this article, volunteer authors worked to edit and improve it over time. You can either update Blackberry software directly from your smartphone, or install the latest updates using Blackberry Desktop Manager.Open the Desktop Software and connect your Black Berry to your computer.Takes forever to sync, took 20 minutes to delete an app from my BB, offered to delete all the calendar entries on my Mac. Kidsdoc, I feel the exact same way about BB Desktop 2.0.What used to take only seconds to sync my calendar entries now takes minutes!

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