Updating ipod touch from 1 1 5 to 2 0 nycdating com

If you want to read about the info of that apps, just right click the apps,before you buy it.

no, first of all to go installous and go to the "downloads" tab. if that doesn't work then try switching off your i Pod touch.

But, an ipod touch you can download apps that you can text people on but the 2g ipod touch it doesn't have speakers. you download itunes and plug it in again then it should set up your ipod.

make an acount in itunes plug in the ipod touch click download takes 5 to 10 mins and it will be done then u ave to get wifi u will have to know someone's password to do that then Bye A jailbreak on an i Pod Touch is when a person has 'jailbroken' their i Pod Touch so they can customize the lock screen slider and make chimes when they unlock their i Pod Touch. Plug in your ipod touch and wait a couple of seconds, and then it should automatically sync on there on if it doesn't click on sync. you make an itunes account online then go to games, then click a game you like, then if you are fine with the price (some games are free) then you click download.

However all those new i OS device owner might not be comfortable with firmware update process and wondering how to manually update to recently released i OS 5.1.1 firmware.

If that doesn't work then just get a "free" app from the app store and then re-download a different app from installous. (but IF THAT doesnt work then...un-jailbreak your i Pod touch/i Phone and re-jailbreaking it..) well…

I have updated my ipod touch to IOS 5.0.1 and jailbroke it with redsn0w, i also use cydia and winterboard whenever i download a theme with winterboard it will only change the wallpaper not the clock, battery or slider. even when i download a slider individually it still wont show after i respring No place can make an i Pod Touch an i Phone.

Well, for the 4th gen to the 5th, you can make them there on the i Pod by clicking the create album in the corner and dragging your picture, but with the older generations, you would have to create them online and then download them on to your i Pod. Go to on your ipod touch and you can directly jailbreak your i Pod Touch from your i Pod.

WARNING: Make sure your ios version of your i Pod Touch is 4.2.1 or lower or it will not work.

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