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For me information about using Hyper Grid read our FAQ article .

A mega region is a rectangular area of regions, running on a single Open Sim process, that have been joined to become one big region. This is an interesting feature especially for vehicles. Because the terraforming tool, defining parcels and changing parcel settings does not work properly for mega regions with most viewers, it is recommended to start with multiple regions, that later can be joined to become a mega region.

With viewers that support 3D meshes, you can upload these in the Colada format and use them for objects and avatars.

This functionality works similar like in Second Life® (with some minor restrictions).

Currently it provides the following functionality: To access this functionality simply log into this web site.

This is important to keep in mind when you use a group to control access rights.

Hyper Grid is a techology that allows teleport between different Open Sim grids and standalone regions.

In OSGrid we provide terminal that allow region owners to perform the following functions: show region status, restart region, unmonitor region, monitor region, open web site, get products notecard, open support web page and pay rent.

Dreamland Metaverse Terminal locations in OSGrid: The web based Control Panel offers many more functions to manage your Open Sim regions.

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