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It has many version released with upgraded database since it launched in 2008.

iplist is available for Ubuntu, Fedora, Gentoo, Arch Linux, Open Su SE, Mandriva, Debian and other Old Distributions as well.

This business arrangement was created in cooperation with the developers of Peer Block, who are earning a peace of that subscription money.

If you are looking for Peer Block alternatives, we recommend you to download VPN Unlimited or AVG Secure VPN.

Get iplist Bee Think IP blocker is one of the Windows IP blocking programs which controls how one computer interacts with other computers over a network.

This IP blocking program also used in a production environment, and windows server machines as well, so that you can ban unwanted IP addresses anytime you want.

It is very important to notice that the official supplier of the blocking lists that the app uses I-Blocklist has restricted access to free users of this app, offering them only ability to refresh their lists no more than once per week.

However, it still has lack of accuracy and excellence in its features.

Hey does anyone know of a good alternative to this software that is compatible with Vista? I had a look around but couldnt find anything that looks decent.

Peer Block is a software program for Windows OS which identifies that with who yours computer system connecting on the internet.

By shutting connection to those servers your computer remains safe, and by using predefined lists you can deny access to wide variety of domains, governments, corporations or even domains from entire countries.

First version of Peer Block appeared on the internet on 27 September 2009, created with the efforts of the three developers under the leadership of Mark Bulas.

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