Updating serato

Serato has curated a series of playlists for DJs to use in Serato DJ Lite or Serato DJ Pro in the latest streaming integration with TIDAL.

From warm-up selections to dancefloor bangers, try a Serato curated playlist today.

I’ve played a few parties with Serato DJ Lite using my Numark DJ2GO2, so that kinda got me thinking – if Serato DJ Lite is already usable for DJing, why bother plunking down US for the added features in Serato DJ Pro that you may or may not even find useful?

That’s how I came up with these three questions in the video above: If your answer to all of them is a big loud resounding “yes”, then go ahead and grab that upgrade so you get the full Serato experience.

Serato DJ Pro was released a few weeks back, and along with it Serato DJ Lite, which is like the intro version of the app for beginners.

Even though it’s like the “Diet Coke” of Serato, it’s still quite powerful and you can do a lot of stuff that digital DJs do like hot cues, looping, triggering samples and so on.

A DJ since 1999, he ran a successful recording studio for many years, and is a music producer and sound engineer too.

Manila-based Joey Santos is the Managing Editor of Digital DJ Tips.

Here are the key features and differences you will notice in Serato DJ Lite.

No, all Serato DJ Intro controllers have been carried over to Serato DJ Lite 1.3.

See our guide here for instructions on starting a 14-day free trial of Serato DJ Pro and purchasing/activating a license.

64-bit support for Serato means a more stable and reliable software and more space to run even larger libraries.

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