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In addition, virtual Port Channel was introduced in NX-OS version 4.1(4) and is included in the base NX-OS software license.This technology is supported on the Nexus 9000, 7000, 50 Series.MIB files are usually provided by the manufacturers of network devices and services (for example, Cisco MIBs can be found here).Please visit your vendor's website or contact their support to get the MIB file for your specific device.Hi, I tried to download and update the router and switches we bought from Cisco, but found the download section closed for non service contract holder.My requests to the support line were answered with sorry but...I have tried following things - rebooting SW3 did not fix this problem- updated VTP domain,password,modes to trigger updates but no change.- SW3 starts updating vlan database once I configure SW1 as a server mode.- but SW3 does not update vlan definition if I configure SW1 as a TRANSPARENT MODE.

I am following same topology as mentioned in the INE labs.

Let's take a look at the v PC topics covered: We must point out that basic knowledge of the Cisco NX-OS is recommended for this article.

You can also refer to our Introduction to Nexus Family – Nexus OS vs Catalyst IOS for an introduction study on the Nexus Series switches family.

All the above including verifying & troubleshooting v PC operation are covered extensively in this article making it the most comprehensive and complete Cisco Nexus v PC guide.

The diagram below clearly illustrates the differences in both logical and physical topology between a non-v PC deployment and a v PC deployment: v PC Deployment Concept The Cisco Nexus v PC technology has been widely deployed and in particular by almost 95% of Cisco Data Centers based on information provided by the Cisco Live Berlin 2016.

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