Updating the default player for audio file types

Q8: What specific features of MPEG-4 Advanced Simple Profile does Xbox 360 support?

A8: Xbox 360 supports Bidirectional Frames (BVOPs), Interlaced Frames, Quarter Pixel Motion Compensation, Global Motion Compensation, and MPEG Quantization.

It’s not clear how widespread either issue is, but again, it’s not clear why this is happening or what low-level code Microsoft even touched to make such basic functionality fail.

Setting a default application to handle a particular file type is not a new feature; it’s been part of core Windows behavior for decades.

AMD has dropped support for both of these devices already.

Intel pushed display drivers to its OEM partners (.6344, .6345) that don’t handle audio playback properly over HDMI, USB-C, or Display Port.Q10: What are the different video codecs that are supported by all the different ways to play video content on Xbox 360?A10: See the following table: *See question 32 for information about how to configure Windows Media Player to share these file types to Xbox 360.You may unsubscribe from the newsletter at any time.Q5: Can I mix and match the video and audio codecs outside those defined in questions 1 through 4 above? Xbox only supports each audio and video codec in the explicit containers as defined in questions 1 through 4.

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