Updating wireless router

During the annual Consumer Electronics Show in January, D-Link and Netgear announced new relationships with Mc Afee and Bitdefender.

Assuming that a wireless router is a set-it-and-forget-it device is an increasingly bigger security risk.

Many routers have the automatic firmware update function within the web interface.

According to Gartner, a technology research and advisory firm, nearly 20 billion internet-connected devices will be online by 2020—nearly 2.5 times more units than last year.

In response to the growing threats, router manufacturers have begun partnering with security firms to offer malware protection and other services through their products.

If you are truly interested in the best performance and maximum privacy, vigilant monitoring of your home network is a must.

Older wireless routers are often the culprit when network security or Wi Fi performance problems arise due to unfixed manufacturer flaws or outdated hardware performance.

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