Updating your blu ray player

Press "Enter." If you select "No," the player's tray will open for you to retrieve the disc.

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Updating the firmware for your Samsung Blu-ray player can often improve its performance.

Samsung Blu-ray players can be updated in one of three ways: using a Wi-Fi network, using a USB flash drive, or using a disc with the update files burned to it.

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Click "See all downloads" in the Downloads section and then click the "Firmware" tab.The amount of time it takes to install an update depends on the size of the update.If you're performing the update over a wireless connection, it also depends on the speed of that connection.No matter what model of Samsung Blu-ray player you have, it must have the most current firmware installed if you want to enjoy the best movie-watching experience.Samsung has made this possible to do yourself, avoiding the need for a video technician.

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