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This can cause issues if you've got no way of telling which User Control you added to the placeholder, but I've implemented such a solution before without this being too much of problem.

The second side-effect is the huge amount of View State you're going to collect as your Update Panels go about their business.

At the moment I'm looking at a updatepanel with a gridview and the dropdown controls within it.

Hi all, I asked this question on SO twice (deleted the original) but I can never seem to get a response.

In those cases you will want the onclick event to be attended by a function of your user control and not a global function (because that would be a problem if you have multiple instances of you control in the same web page). Using this you will avoid possible incompatibilities that may happen when using different javascript frameworks (jquery, dojo, scriptaculous).","W0046RSS_Visible":"0","W0046BODY_Tooltiptext":"","W0046_CMPPGM":"hshowpageversionwc","W0046W0015":"","W0046wcp OAV16Page Id":"6771","W0046wcp OAV20Page Version Id1":"19","W0046wcp OAV30HTMLType":"Full","W0046v PAGEVERSIONID1":"19","W0046PAGEVERSIONCONTENT":"\n\t\n\t No, /install should only be executed when making changes to the UC structure, that is, when changing its properties or events.\n\t\n\t On the other hand, if you just make changes to the javascript render file and the version of the control is not updated (tag < Version>0</Version> in .control file) then you need to delete file named <ucname>.<version>.

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View State is fairly evil, and when you're posting it to and from the server with every request, combined with it being very large, it can provide some severe speed issues from a user-perspective.

I'd suggest if you do want to go down this route you should try to disable View State for any controls you do not expect to retrieve data from at a later date.

Visit Stack Exchange Software Engineering Stack Exchange is a question and answer site for professionals, academics, and students working within the systems development life cycle. Sign up to join this community I think you need to take a step back and say "Are Update Panels the spawn of Satan? But seriously, the way you're outlining does have some fairly bad side-effects (although it's a possible strategy to go about working with dynamic content in Web Forms and I have taken a similar approach myself).

The first side-effect you'll have is that dynamically added content does not persist after a postback, so you'll have to re-add your User Control to the Placeholder at Page_Init if you want to handle any posted form data.

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