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OASIS uses a SAP Sybase SQL Anywhere database (formerly Adaptive Server Anywhere by Sybase).The database has many safeguards that protect, replicate, and automatically validate the database at all times.This includes password protection to ensure only authorized people can access your data, audit trails to track changes to system data, and user-level security to ensure that system users only perform actions they are authorized to do.If your Access database does not already have the technological tools to be compliant with 21 CFR Part 11, Ofni Systems recommends the Part 11 Toolkit.The not null constraint is placed on a column and states that data is required in that column.However, in SQL, the not null constraint can only be placed on a single column.The FDA and other regulatory bodies allow MS Access programs in Gx P environments, as long as these systems are validated and have other technological controls in place to ensure that the database is compliant.Ofni Systems development team has written dozens of MS Access programs used in GMP, GCP, and GLP environments.

We have the tools to quickly analyze your MS Access database and generate validation documents that demonstrate that your system is compliant with 21 CFR and Annex 11.

A bad checksum means that a database page has been randomly overwritten (for example, due to a system crash). To repair a database that reports checksum errors, set the Ignore Checksum Errors option to True.

This enables IBConsole to ignore checksums when validating a database.

Ignoring checksums allows successful validation of a corrupt database, but the affected data may be lost.

Note: Inter Base supports true checksums only for ODS 8 and earlier.

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