Validating instal error message

All of these recommendations seem over the top for such a small app, but i Tunes is not the simple 18 MB installer of 2003.It has become a huge albatross over the years; turning into an app that does many things but none very well.During my consultancy engagement, my client’s DBA team was installing SQL Server and getting an error. Slp: —As soon as I saw the error- “The RPC server is unavailable” while validating domain account, I realized that I have seen this error earlier.

That said, a lot of users, including myself, still use it.

If you don’t know the trick to look at setup logs, you should know that you need to look at and search for “at Microsoft”. To continue, provide a valid account and password for the Integration Services service. We followed the same steps as mentioned in my blog and found that they missed using FQDN for the domain controller. As you can see the image, we opened network connections and went to properties on domain network adapter and went all the way down to DNS tab to fix the suffix.

Once found, then look few lines above and you should find some error. Slp: Validation for setting ‘AGTSVCACCOUNT’ failed. Slp: Validation for setting ‘SQLSVCACCOUNT’ failed. Error message: The SQL Server service account login or password is not valid. You need to click on all the numbered circles in sequence.

If you encounter errors with the Windows Installer, you could try re-registering the Windows Installer then attempt the install again.

Update: Some systems with older video cards might experience a problem installing i Tunes.

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