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Lace is a delicate fabric woven in a weblike pattern or a string used to tie up things.I have a variety of lace dresses in my wardrobe, a couple of necklaces in my drawer, and a myriad of shoelaces in my closet.- Olivia, Germany Chatlace is the most pathetic website I've been to.- Insomniac, Algeria For killing time, Chatlace is a great place.- Zoniya, Pakistan I have a large number of fakes in this chat room because they envy me.- Namra, United Kingdom It was my dream to find this website. - Margot I keep leaving this site, but it's keeping me back again and again. - Giullianna, Philippines Chatlace gave me a platform to express my feelings freely.- Castiel Chatlace is the worst chat site in the world, a safe haven for spammers.

All of a sudden, the word lace flashed into my mind.

- Aron, Iraq Sometimes Chatlace is very boring and sometimes it's very interesting. - Cooling, India Chatlace is a country where there are no police and everyone is free to do whatever he or she wants.

- Space, United States Thank you for making Chatlace as a medicine of boredom. - Doodle, India Chatlace is the cheapest chat room ever, where you can see animals combined with humans.

- Arthur 29, Russia I come here when I'm bored or stressed. - Giullianna, Philippines Chatlace taught me one thing and that's how to ignore perverts. - Anonymous Chatlace is the only world that allows me to be anything or anyone I want to be. - Skippy Chatlace is an outlet to scream out your dirtiest desires.

- Diao Chan, Mauritius Chatlace is meant for people in asylums, but we are in it. - Diao Chan, Mauritius Chatlace is a heaven for you.

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