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Not only have we been able to help facilitate more than 41 MILLION therapy sessions online with one of our licensed counselors, but we have 1,000s of reviews from real users of our platform sharing their positive experiences that have come from working with a Better Help therapist.We encourage you to take the time needed to see what some of our users are saying about our online platform, and our platform has assisted them with their mental wellbeing by working with one of our online therapists." If that is the case, please take a look at some of our other reviews to see how our online therapists have been able to help people in more than 37 million online sessions.For many people interested in therapy in the United States, finding an affordable option can be a challenge; which is a primary reason that working with a online licensed therapist has become increasingly popular.You can't talk about working with online therapists, without talking about the experienced and licensed professionals that provide the help and support that people are looking for online... The more than 3,900 therapists currently available on the Better platform should be recognized as professionals who are licensed practitioners.There are many different types of therapists (in-office or otherwise) that are able to help our online users with a variety of important concerns online at a time and location best suited for the user.

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More about these types of sessions with online therapists below: If your insurance company will cover the cost of your sessions with a therapist (or part of the cost), getting reimbursed by the health insurance company is not always a simple process.

In addition to what real people are saying about this alternative to in-office therapy, which is offered here at Better, you might find it beneficial to review some of the most common benefits that our users have most appreciated as indicated below: Using an online therapy app, you can message your therapist through instant text messaging.

As you can probably expect from an instant message, it provides quick advice.

With that in mind, as long as we're in a position to help people connect with a licensed professional...

we’ll be working hard to help as many people as possible that cannot benefit from typical in-office therapy visits to get them using the internet to get the support they need by using video, telephone, and texting therapy. "how can this kind of therapy work for someone like me?

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