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As the Wall Street Journal reports, “At Facebook, if a potential date involves a person in a more senior position than the other, the date itself doesn’t necessarily have to be disclosed to HR.

If one date leads to another, consult your company’s employee handbook and review its workplace relationships policy before making things public.‘Pretend you never saw each other’ is the least awkward option.”Sure, Green admits, it’s easy to think, “Well, we’ll only be notified if we both swipe right on each other, so what’s the worst that could happen?”Still no.“Some people will swipe right on people they know as a sort of platonic hello.“But harassment doesn’t happen in those places.”When in doubt, consult your HR representative.If this conversation seems too awkward to breach, consider the fact that human resources professionals charged with dealing with romantic entanglements also seem to have plenty of experience with them.

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