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When this happens the Android device loses its other network connections.To resume other network connections, go to the Wi Fi network settings in the Android device and disconnect direct Wi Fi connection between the Android device and the M1 dash cam.A: Recording times can vary, but in general the 16GB card included with the Escort M1 will hold about 2 hours 40 minutes of 1080p video. Step-by-step instructions are included with the firmware to update your dash cam.Q: What is the largest size micro SD card I can use with the Escort M1? Q: I am having a micro SD card error, what should I do? Q: My smartphone keeps auto-reconnecting to the Escort M1, how stop this?

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Crystal Clear Video Recording The ESCORT M1 dash cam records the road ahead in 1080p high definition quality and it is optimized for both day and night recording.

This integration eliminates the need for additional cords and power sources in the car and creates a single space on the windshield for both the detection unit and dash cam.

The M1 is controlled through the ESCORT M1 app via Wi-Fi connectivity.

A: We do not have a specific video viewer program for Windows or Mac, but the video files are saved as . You can update the password by connecting to the M1 with the app, entering Settings, and selecting Camera Wi-Fi Settings.

MOV and can be played back on most native video players. If you have forgotten your password then you will have to update your firmware to reset.

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