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Cape Town - Mila Kunis says she totally shocked her mom when she told her she was dating Hollywood star Ashton Kutcher, who is now her husband.“We were driving up Laurel Canyon [in Los Angeles], and I was like, ‘Mom I have to tell you I’m dating somebody.’ And she was like, ‘Oh tell me! ’ And I was like, ‘You’ve got to brace yourself for this one . I also may be in love with him so...’ There were so many thoughts that she couldn’t process...

I’m dating Ashton Kutcher.’ And she literally was like, ‘Shut the f**k up’ in Russian.”“I was like, ‘No I’m serious.

I was like, 'Yeah girl, get it, alright.'" (You know — the whole Tabloid editors must have been disappointed in Rumer Willis and Ashton Kutcher.

They reportedly remained on good terms — even after Kutcher and Demi Moore finalized their divorce in 2013, in the wake of several cheating allegations.

“We went into this relationship super-transparent with one another, so we knew 100 percent each other’s faults, we knew exactly who we were... I was an a**hole in my 20s and I'll be the first to admit it.

And we were like, ‘I accept you for who you are.’”She also opened up about her relationship with Macaulay Culkin. And that's something that took me a long time to come out and be like, ‘Yeah, you know what, I was a d**k,’ and accept it and I own it.”Being alone afterwards was good for her, she adds.

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Mila revealed during a US chat show appearance that she bought the couple's wedding rings from an online retailer for just 90 dollars.

There’s so many versions of his life that people thought he was that he wasn’t.” in the late 1990s where they played boyfriend and girlfriend.

At the time she was just a teenager while he was in his twenties.

Here's all you need to know about their love story so far...

Mila and Ashton first met over 20 years ago on the set of US sitcom, That '70s Show, which first aired in August 1998.

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