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She is also the third of the five actors who have a recurring role in the American superhero show ‘Arrow’.She was married to British actor Ralph Fiennes but they separated after four years.

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Kingston told the Press Association: “The theme is universal and I think that just from what I’ve read in the newspapers recently here regarding ethnicity and higher education, I think it’s incredibly topical and I think a British audience will completely get what the characters in this play are dealing with.There must have been some financial feelings behind the decision not to renew my contract."She still has more episodes of ER to film and said she had no idea how she would be written out.The ER actress will return to the West End in the play Admissions, penned by Joshua Harmon, when it transfers from New York’s Lincoln Centre Theatre.She was originally cast for just a couple of episodes but her character became so popular with the audiences that it compelled the producers to extend her role in the show.The special episode titled ‘The Husbands of River Song’ marked her return as River Song along with Peter Capaldi's Twelfth Doctor.

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