Who is joe cheng dating

in an interview with joe and Ariel when asked if they were dating, joe said that both answers were the same basically they do have feelings for each other but they're waiting to see if its because they are playing a couple or if its their true feelings. The character was originally assigned to Barbie Xiu but she cancelled it due to her schedule. i think his wife was Ariel lin and as I've know the wedding on the movie,started with a kiss was real wedding and they said accrording to the law they a real couple... I've also heard that the married of that movie started with the kiss was real so i agree.........

I love them together and I wish for both of them to have lots and lots of dramas together i find Ariel Lin and… NO They had many kiss shot in teleplay, so many viewer hope they can be a couple in real life:) They are the best screen lovers.

He was also featured in a 2006 book on Catwalk Modelling Agency.

Cheng has won multiple awards as a model and as a performing artiste.

Cheng is known by his friends in the industry as one who loves to sing.

Album sales were fair and the EP topped certain charts in Taiwan but Cheng failed to convince music critics of the industry.

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