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At the same time, he became addicted to various drugs.

Prior to becoming involved in the fishing business, Jake worked as a pizza boy.

I also enjoyed imagining which lines each of you contributed. That interview caught me at a very tired and discouraged moment so take it with a grain of salt.

I'm a good date and it now counts as evangelism.😉 The reason I pulled the book is because I think it's unhelpful. But I'd recommend @Dr Henry Cloud book Boundaries in Dating.

He is the brother of Josh Harris, who also appears in the show.

In the very beginning, he worked in the position of the ship’s bait boy, but was gradually promoted to higher ranks.The show increased enormously his exposure and so popularity, as well as his net worth.In February of 2010, his father passed away from a pulmonary embolism, so an entire episode in July of the same year was dedicated to his achievements in the fishing business.According to several sources, Jake has had a lot of legal issues, as he has been addicted to drugs since he was in high school.In April of 2017, he was arrested for car robbery and the possession of crystal meths and xanax pills.

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