Xsellize updating sources

Most of people add this repo to Cydia because it has got Installous which allows you to download premium App Store apps and try them out before you may make a final purchase.Repo Address: Apps: App Sync for i OS 4.0 , Installous 4 and Crackulousx Sellize is the best Cydia repo for those who love to play emulator games.Bite Your Apple repo is another great Cydia source with tons of great themes, ringtones and mods for all i Devices.If you want to add Hackulo.us, go for this source because it contains all packages of source as well as tons of other interesting Cydia apps.There is no cracked i Phone apps or Cydia ones in this repo, so you will either find completely free or paid apps.Overall its a great source for those who are interested in tweaking their i Phone and i Pod Touch with some cool Cydia hacks.SEE ALSO: Best Cydia Sources 2012, Best Cydia Sources 2013If you are looking for cracked apps, you should go for this repo.

I haven't included standard Cydia repos like Big Boss, Mod Myi, i Spazio and Telesphoreo Tangelo repo as these sources are pre-added to Cydia by default whenever you jailbreak your i Device.Here is a list of top 10 Cydia sources for year 2011.With these cydia repositories, you can find, download and install almost any free, premium or cracked Cydia apps on your i Phone, i Pod Touch and i Pad.It has almost all essential tweaks and mods which you will find in x Sellize and Si Nfu L i Phone repo.It has got an awesome collection of game ROMs, emulators, HD themes and other must have mods which you can try on any i Device jailbroken on i OS 4.0 or above.i Hacks Repo Address: Apps: Folder Enhancer, Folders In Folders, Free Sync, Full Screen for Safari, Gingerbread HD, GPower Pro, Graviboard, Grid Tab for Safari, Infiniboard, Infinidock, Inifinifolders, Instant Mirror, Auto3G, Frash, Face Break, i Classic, i File and Your Tube HD etc Hack Youri Phone repo is basically an Italian Cydia source which is full of great themes, animated lockscreens and tweaks which you can try on your i Phone, i Pod Touch and i Pad.

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