Yamada ryosuke dating mariya

hope u read and enjoy this message @lovinghimsomuch: i've got the same feeling that you have there.. ...yamada ryosuke is so handsome and cute but for me CHINEN YURI is the best among the rest of HSJ..also huge fan of ryosuke yamada he is so hot and cool in all his pictures and im surely she is most handsome in personal.safe and take care chinen always for me... i hate u and im sure that hikaru is a 10ooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo times better than just wasted all these months on a useless girly person like u...i can't help but comment in namiya section too because of my excitement. He's multi-talented and dedicated so I have faith in him. i've watched almost all of his movies/tv series and i applaud his great acting. I highly admire Ryosuke Yamada in his acting skills!!! namiya this september and fma LA this december...thank you for your hard work, yama. Been a fan of his since Tantei Gakuen Q era, kinda stop (not really stop, just preoccupied with other things, my last perf I saw was Perfume) then renewed my love because of Assassination Classroom. and when they're talking about yamashii, no word can describe the pain i'm bearing with.. everytime i can see his smile..feels like i can change my world for him... every night, i look up the sky, wondering if he's ok.. I LOVE your dramas, singles, and you are so cool in all of ur pics... we, ur fans will always support u for ur success..... call me anything you whant.ive been chasing after ryosuke yamada my whole life.still 14 years old.i can feel the passion of love within me towards him.. i wish he will always take care -blushes- i hate being thought of as him fangirl... he doesn't even think of me the same way i do to him...Edo, 1720A young, new Kagema apprentice is the rising star of the elite Kagemachaya Sakura teahouse in Central Edo.

I HOPE in this great moment, u'll be a more great, cute, kind, funny boy!!!!!!! hey yamada, i just dont know what to say after i saw ur intense photo with someone,my crush for u is gone..Well i can really say that this boy hooked my heart ? and every year i realized how you have grown in the industry. no matter how others view your personality, i will always understand that. PS i know how much you wanted to do Tantei Gakuen Q again and i hope your wish will be granted. and I just watched Grosshopper, you were totally different and I love it. i though ''what a talented boy'' through people's messages i discovered a lot of things that makes him unique and make me love him more ❤ i pray that he will have a prosperous life throughout the years and a lot of projects to come. been following you when you were still really young and i have grown up with you. i will be praying with you coz i am rooting to see you with Shida Mirai and Kamiki Ryunosuke again. youre a talented actor I hope you will be in a lot of movies. i love every song you sings, every drama and movies you played, every kind of dance you do, and every pictures posted by you and your fans. how I wish I can meet him lively & shake his hand... i think he is very kind-hearted so i also like him very much....so,i beg u all dont be a person who only take care about yourself...but,i think u all dont like that right? Do anyone knows anything from Ryosuke Yamada after the earthquake ? especially the part where you said that "they won't even bother on really saying "yes" 2 u".. were just dreaming of a very beautiful dream that were just hurting ourselves, in the fact that we wouldn't be his mine.. yes we are just fans, but feelings can be hurt you know! ecerytime a bog about him and shida mirai arise.heart and soul are in deep burden... They r not really close and Yamada kun doesn't like her..... Ummmm...i really want me to be part of your life 4ever. But then again that's why everybody loves him- He reaches for dreams where people can only wish for. But then again that is what makes him unique- I love him but I'm not "IN" love with him not because of his stupid looks or his annoying personality- Yama-chan,suki da yo.. okkk im a fan of him but im not that crazy sayin his mine stuff like that but come on show the fan some respect they love him cause his not only pretty but he loved all his fan and member of hey! jump sooooooo stop with ur nonsense and leave the fans alone ........ who among his fans had the same experience with your boyfriend making you choose who you liked better ?? =)) i know Yamachan is very kawaii....but,dont u think he kind instead of kawaii??? uhm, I think it's a bit not good to say these words.. all we can do for now is to wish him the best and be happy in who he is and who will he be in the future^^ waking up now will prevent us from the pain.. and to you naruto23fan i hate you for saying those hurtfull thing to us, and yes we know! but please let us realise it in the way we wont hear those stupid things from you! i meant freaked out =..= sori for having some stuffs spelled wrong i was hurrying~ ahaha oh and i forgot to add that if u guys didnt know about their album, JUMP no.1 is out like a month ago~ ahah and please CONTINUE ON SUPPORTING THE RST OF JUMP MEMBRS AND JE TOO i love yamada too.. does he the man i can entrust my love and am i the one who can be his... but i wont give up for him..cause the only faith that iam holding is my deep love for him... all a wanted to do is to watch him at the corner and watch him smilling.. everytime i can see his smile..feels like i can change my world for him... Aishiteru Ryo kun~♥ But for the ppl that don't know about Shida Mirai and Yamada kun.....

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